Employment Verification

Employment Verification


  Employment Verification Report:  
Employment Verification: True Background Checks verifies the dates of past employment and job position/title. A full application needs to be scanned and emailed to us or uploaded to your account knowing that verification of employment may take more than 24 hours depending on the response from your previous employer.

Hiring the right person is crucial to the success of your organization. The hiring process can be very time consuming and costly. Many people falsify information on their resume, especially about their employment history; the more common untruths include inflating job titles and length of time worked.

True Background Checks excels at employee and pre-employment background checks, allowing you to hire the best people for your organization. Employment Verification is a wise choice for any job to ensure dates of employment, position, and salary history is correct. Not every previous employer may be verifiable. For example, the business may have moved or closed.

We will need a completed request form and permission from a potential employee; see forms below.