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True Background Checks

True Background Checks is a leader in the background screening industry. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of accuracy, integrity, and customer focus. We assure a fast turnaround, a quick response time, and empower your organization to make safer and more accurate hiring decisions.

True Background Checks
Are you certain of who you're dealing with?

Who Are You Dealing With?

  • Our experts will find the information you need and provide advice you can count on.
  • Thirty percent of all business failures are caused by employee theft, according to the Bureau of National Affairs.
  • The success of your business depends on trusting your employees, business partners, clients, and vendors.


True Background Checks provides comprehensive background services catered to individuals and businesses. We ensure your candidates are right for you through a National Employment Background screening check, designed specifically for small and large businesses using nationwide public information records. We can also provide DMV information in 49 States, including access to the California DMV database.

True Background Checks serves individuals, small and large businesses, enterprises, and attorneys with a wide range of Background Checks and Skip Trace services. Our team includes a Private Investigator with more than 40 years of experience.

Our services are fully customizable so you get precisely what you need, whether that’s verifying a new hire or re-qualifying an existing one. We provide information in a professional format with expert analysis to minimize your risk.

The background information we provide is truly priceless.